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I. International

South Korea - Ferry Disaster (International media, Local media)

  • On 16 April a ferry, with 477 people and 150 vehicles on board, was sailing to the southern island of Jeju when it capsized.
  • Two people have been confirmed dead so far, the South Korean Coastguard reported that 164 people have been rescued and hundreds remain unaccounted for. There is no indication yet what has caused the ship to list and roll on its side.
  • A total of 18 helicopters and 34 rescue vessels have been sent to the area.

Syria – Humanitarian access and human rights violations (ECHO)

  • Serious concerns prevail regarding the situation of children, women and the elderly in the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk. According to UNRWA, full, regular access to Yarmouk is not yet secured with fighting and clashes occurring intermittently. Since mid-January, when the Syrian armed forces and armed opposition groups agreed on a ceasefire, 11 000 for parcels to about 20 000 people have been delivered. UNRWA estimates that 700 food parcels a day should be delivered to meet the food needs of the camp population. At present, the agency is distributing less than 100 parcels daily.
  • On 14 April, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay released a report documenting the rampant use of torture in detention facilities across Syria by Government forces and some armed opposition groups. The report describes a pattern of torture and ill-treatment against individuals in Government facilities and by some armed groups. The analysis is based on interviews by the UN Human Rights Office with individuals who have spent time in detention facilities in Syria during the conflict. The UN Office is also aware of serious allegations of torture and ill-treatment of children in Syria.
  • Pillay stated that torture constitutes a war crime and when used in a systematic or widespread manner, it also amounts to a crime against humanity. She urged the Government of Syria and armed opposition groups to immediately stop the use of torture and release all those who have been detained arbitrarily in breach of international human rights standards. Pillay reiterated her request to the Government to allow regular and unannounced access to all detention facilities to impartial international observers, including her office, the Commission of Inquiry on Syria and relevant UN independent human rights experts, to enable them to effectively monitor the situation in the country.

Nicaragua - Earthquake - UPDATE (UN)

  • According to the report of the UN Resident Coordinator on 15 April, the detailed damage and casualties toll by the 6.1M earthquake of 11 April is two people killed, 41 injured, 3 775 houses affected (1 035 of which collapsed) and 1 585 people evacuated, housed in one shelter in Managua and another two in Nagarote.
  • The main damage to infrastructure was inflicted on health services, with a number of hospitals, five health centres and 15 medical posts damaged (32 establishments in total). Most affected were the municipalities of Nagarote, La Paz Centro and three municipalities around Managua as well as the capital itself. The country remained in Red Alert as of 15 April.
II. Europe

Forest Fire risk in Europe (EFFIS)

  • Very high or extreme risk in the region of Marseille in southern France.

Meteoalarm - as of 07:00 UTC

  • Thunderstorms in the whole of continental Greece - Orange Alert
  • Strong winds in NW Croatia, central peninsular Italy and the whole of Montenegro - Orange Alert
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