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I. International

Canada - Earthquake (GDACS, USGS, PTWC)

  • A 6.6M earthquake at a shallow depth of 11 km hit undersea approx. 20 km off the western shores of Vancouver Island, south-western Canada. Local media did not report damage or casualties so far.

Yemen - Migrants/MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) (ECHO, WHO)

  • Following a domestic labour market restructuring in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), more than 330 000 Yemeni workers have been expelled from the country since June 2013. Currently between 1000 to 1300 Yemenis are crossing the border every day.
  • In the last few weeks an increase in the number of cases, suffering from fevers and respiratory difficulty, has been reported. Information from the border crossing at Al Tuwal in Hajjah governorate indicates that an average of 60 people per day are diagnosed with respiratory symptoms.
  • A number of tests in Yemen among returning migrants from KSA have so far proved negative for the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). There has been a steep increase in MERS reported cases in April in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as reported by WHO.
  • On April 13, several news agencies mentioned a first (and fatal) case of MERS in Yemen declared by the Ministry of Health (not confirmed yet in WHO statistics). ECHO is monitoring the situation.

Kenya and Uganda - South Sudan Refugees (ECHO, UNHCR)

  • UNHCR vehicle, transporting UNHCR Field Officer, was targeted in Hagadera Camp in Dadaab by three armed men on the morning of 23 April. UNHCR driver was shot in the arm and was taken to IRC hospital funded by ECHO. His condition remains stable. The UNHCR Field Officer managed to escape. Attackers drove off with the UNHCR vehicle. 
  • The security operation in Nairobi targeting Somalis is still on-going. So far, some 1 136 people have been screened in the security operations. On 17 April, 111 persons were transported in four buses to Dadaab and to Kakuma Camps. On 18 April, another 170 persons were relocated in six buses to the camps.
  • As of 16 April, 34 301 South Sudanese Refugees had sought refuge in Kakuma Camp (Northern Kenya) and 98 463 in Uganda.

Afganistan - Floods (ECHO, NRC, Local Media)

  • Heavy rainfall affected Samangan province on 22 April. A total of 300 families have been reported affected in eight villages around Aybak city in the Northeast of the country.
  • The magnitude of the damage of the flood is not clear at this stage however assessment of the affected areas is ongoing by National Authorities, IOM, WFP, Welthungerhilfe and National Red Crescent Society. The Norwegian Refugee Council, ECHO partner for Emergency Response Mechanism, joined the assessment teams on 23 April.
  • Flash floods on 20 April has also affected and displaced dozens of families in Takhar province.

Tajikistan - Floods and mudslide (ECHO)

  • On 11-12 April, due to heavy rains and hailstorms, floods and landslides affected the districts of Vose, Shurobod and Hamadony and Kulob city in Khatlon Province, South Tajikistan. 
  • According to the initial rapid assessment conducted by the National Authorities and National Red Crescent Society, 500 families were affected, comprising 3 000 people. 15 people were killed, including two children, and 38 were reported injured. 
  • The mud-flow also damaged local infrastructure and affected the livelihoods. Support is being provided by the local authorities for debris removal and relocation of families.
  • The humanitarian priorities include food assistance and livelihoods support, WASH, non-food items, temporary shelter and psychosocial support.

Haiti and Cuba - Drought (ECHO, Media, ECHO Partners)

  • The recurrent droughts that have been affecting Haiti´s North-western provinces are having a serious impact on the livelihoods of the local population. Over 20000 are being assisted through a grant recently signed with one of ECHO's partners. This action includes both short-term live saving components and medium-term resilience actions.
  • In Cuba four municipalities in the province of Holguin have been declared under emergency condition by the National Authorities due to an intense and protracted drought. The lack of water and fodder is affecting the agriculture and livestock sectors. Over 3000 cattle have died due to lack of food and water and some 35 000 are being sustained through water trucking operations.

Peru - Volcanic Activity (INDECI, Geological Institute of Peru, Local Media)

  • Mt Ubinas continued its eruptive activity in the past week. On 23 April local media reported that ash particles from a strong explosion on 22 April reached as far as the city of Arequipa and the high districts of Puno, more than 40 km away, causing minor health problems to the population.

II. Europe

Reported floods during the last 24 hours by National Services (EFAS)

  • The national hydrological website of Romania informs about possible flood situation and high water levels in many river basins, especially in southern part of country (Jiu, Olt, Arges, Vedea, Ialomita).

Meteoalarm - as of 07:00 UTC

  • Heavy rain in central Serbia - Orange Alert
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