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I. International

Iraq - Complex Emergency (ECHO)

  • The current humanitarian crisis in Iraq continues evolving rapidly marked by fluid population movements dispersed throughout the governorates affected by the on-going conflict. There is currently full access for humanitarian organizations within the Kurdish Region of Iraq but difficult security conditions in parts of the disputed internal boundaries (DIB), southern Ninewa, Diyala and Al Anbar Governorate are hampering access to locations where the needs of both IDPs and host communities remain unknown.
  • Protection of minority groups continues to be of special concern. On 19 July Christians from Mosul were ordered to convert to Islam, pay tribute money, or leave Mosul. As a result 400 Christian families fled the city.
  • The breakdown of immunization services is also of particular concern given the low coverage rates and the repeated interruption of vaccination activities in the period prior to the on-going crisis.
  • The European Commission (EC) is deeply concerned by the large number of internally displaced persons since the beginning of the year (more than a million), who are fleeing conflict zones and violence in central Iraq. The EC calls on all parties to meet their obligations under international humanitarian and human rights law and ensure the safe and unhindered passage of civilians fleeing the violence regardless of their religion, community or ethnic affiliation.

Philippines, China, Vietnam - Tropical Cyclone RAMMASUN - UPDATE (GDACS, NDRRMC, Chinese Government, Vietnamese Government, Media)

  • The number of casualties due to the passage of Typhoon RAMMASUN over the Philippines, southern China and northern Vietnam is still rising.
  • In the Philippines, as of 22 July (NDRRMC), there were 97 dead, 460 people injured, six missing, 1 600 298 people affected in seven regions, 518 764 people inside 1 264 evacuation centres and 118 281 houses damaged (28 795 destroyed, 89 486 partially damaged).
  • In China, as of 21 July, media reported 31 dead, 11 of them in Yunnan, 13 in Hainan and nine in Guangxi. Several landslides affected a number of villages in Yunnan; at least 11 people were still missing; search and rescue were still underway.
  • In Vietnam, as of 21 July, media reported 11 dead, several people missing and damages in several provinces of northern Vietnam.

Taiwan, China - Tropical Cyclone MATMO - UPDATE (GDACS, JTWC, NASA, JMA, NDRMMC, CWB, CMA)

  • On 22 July, 0.00 UTC, Typhoon MATMO had max. sust. winds of 148 km/h and its centre was located over the Philippine Sea, approx. 180 km east of Itbayat island (Batanes, Philippines) and 350 km south-east of Taitung (Taiwan).
  • In the next 24 h it is forecast to continue moving north-west, slightly strengthening, and reach the coast of central-eastern Taiwan late on 22 July (UTC). Then it is forecast to cross Taiwan, slightly weakening, and reach the coast of Fujian province (China) in the morning of 23 July.
  • During its passage heavy rains and strong winds may affect Batanes Islands (Philippines), parts of Taiwan, as well as Fujian and Zhejiang Provinces (China). JRC calculations indicate a possible storm surge of the order of 1.0-1.2 m in the coastal areas near Fuzhou (Fujian province, China) on 23 July morning (UTC).
  • In the Philippines, MATMO (locally known as HENRY) will enhance the Southwest Monsoon, bringing moderate to heavy rain over parts of Luzon. A Public Storm Warning Signal (PSWS) #2 is in effect for the Batanes Islands and a PSWS #1 for Cagayan province.
  • In Taiwan, Sea and Land Typhoon Warnings, as well as "Extremely Torrential Rain" and "Torrential Rain" advisories, are in effect for several areas. An Orange Warning for Typhoon is also in effect for eastern mainland China.

Nepal - Severe weather (Media)

  • In the last few days heavy rains affected parts of Nepal. According to local media, due to floods and landslides, at least seven people died in the Far-Western region. Same local media source reported at least 300 families displaced.
II. Europe

Spain - Forest Fires - UPDATE (EFFIS, SACOP)

  • The two fires that broke out on 17 and 18 of July in the municipalities of Bustares and Cogolludo (Guadalajara province, central Spain) were still active, as of the evening of 21 July. As of the same time, the one in Bustares had still a Potential Danger Level 2 (out of 3), while the one in Cogolludo had been downgraded to 0. The fires near Cogolludo burnt a total area of approx. 1 500 ha (as of 20 July).

MeteoAlarm - as of 22 July, 06.15 UTC (EUMETNET - MeteoAlarm)

  • Heavy rains in Stredoceský, Czech Republic; in Bayern and Baden-Württemberg, Germany - Red Alert 
  • Heavy rains in western and central Austria; central-western and northern Bulgaria; parts of western, central and north-western Switzerland; western Germany; north-western and north-eastern Hungary; whole of Serbia - Orange Alert
  • Thunderstorms in central-western and northern Bulgaria; Baden-Württemberg, Germany; central Croatia; whole of Serbia - Orange Alert
  • Strong winds in Sardinia, Italy - Orange Alert
  • High temperatures in parts of central and western Poland - Orange Alert
  • Fog in north-western Poland - Orange alert

Forest fires danger forecast (EFFIS)

  • Extreme or very high danger in northern, eastern and southern Spain and the Balearics; Sicily, Sardinia and southern mainland Italy; the Mediterranean coast of France; parts of Crete and some islands of the Aegean and the Dodecanese in Greece; central Cyprus; central and eastern Turkey; parts of south-western Russia.

Reported floods during the last 24 hours by National services (EFAS)

  • Germany: Level 2 warning is active on the Erft (Rhine basin).
  • Switzerland: Level 2 warnings (return period 2-10 year) are active generally for the northern side of the Alps and for the Aare below the Bielersee and the Thur (upper Rhine basin).
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