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I. International

Syria Crisis - Refugees and conflict (ECHO, UN)

  • The estimated number of Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries and the larger region has surpassed 3 million according to UNHCR. The UN agency estimates that almost half of all Syrians have now been forced to flee their areas of origin, with one in every eight persons fleeing across the borders and a further 6.5 million persons displaced within the country.
  • Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan currently host more than 2.6 million Syrian refugees today. As violence and fighting continue in Syria, refugees arriving in neighbouring countries report leaving their country as a last resort after having moved more than once before crossing the borders. About four in five Syrian refugees are living among host communities in urban areas, with 38% living in sub-standard shelter, according to recent assessments.
  • Meanwhile, violence and conflict in Syria continue unabated, with continuous air bombardment and fighting in Idleb, Aleppo, Hama and Dar’a; where residential areas have been especially affected by air strikes. The advancement of ISIL in Aleppo, Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa is also taking a high toll among civilian populations who keep fleeing the violence.

Iraq - Humanitarian situation and displacement (ECHO, UN, Media)

  • On Sunday, Iraqi security forces, supported by US air strikes broke the siege of Amerli town in northeast Salah al-Din where thousands of civilians had been surrounded by ISIL fighters for more than two months. Some 35 villages around Amerli had fallen under ISIL control; and although numbers vary, humanitarian organizations currently estimate that 10-14 000 civilians in the area are in need of assistance. In the past weeks, the Government of Iraq conducted several helicopter landings into Amerli to provide food and extract mostly children and the elderly. The US, France, the UK and Australia also dropped relief supplies to people in the town.
  • In the meantime, multiple displacements continue in Iraq. In the last week, renewed fighting triggered the displacement of over 10 000 families who have reportedly arrived in Khanaqin, fleeing on going conflict throughout Diyala governorate. Air bombardment near Tikrit have also caused fresh displacement within Salah al-Din governorate. In parallel, hundreds of families reportedly continue moving to the south of Iraq, especially to Basrah.
  • For the third time in the past three months, the United Nations (UN) has updated the planning IDP figure to 1.8 million across the country. Of this total figure, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the UN estimate that 850 000 IDPs have arrived to the region this year, the vast majority since June.
II. Europe

Iceland - Volcanic activity (Iceland Civil Protection)

  • On 31 August a small fissure eruption started in Holuhraun, north of Dyngjujökull glacier. The eruption site is outside of the glacier. The fissure is estimated to be 1.5 km long with lava flowing to northeast. No volcanic ash has been detected by the radar system.
  • Iceland lowered the alert level to orange, from red, and lift the air traffic ban yesterday after it appeared the most recent eruption had not led to a major release of ash into the atmosphere. All airports, international and domestic, are open.

Sweden, Denmark - Severe Weather (SMHI, DMI, WMO, Local Media)

  • Heavy rainfall affected eastern Denmark and southern Sweden on 30-31 August. The Danish Meteorological Institute reports 50-100mm of rain over 3-6h in many places, with over 119mm measured in Gentofte, near Copenhagen. In Sweden, 63mm were recorded in 24h in Falsterbo, Skåne.
  • As of 31 August, Swedish and Danish media report flash floods in Skåne and Copenhagen, respectively. In the former, the city of Malmö was particularly affected, with traffic disruptions due to flooded roads and approximately 3 000 people without electricity.
  • As of 1 September, the Swedish Meteorological Institute has a Class 1 (out of a maximum 3) Warning for high water flow in streams in south-western Skåne.

Italy - Severe Weather (WMO, Local Media)

  • Thunderstorms affected the provinces of Bolzano and Vicenza in northern Italy on 31 August.
  • As of 1 September, two landslides that occurred in the village of Campodazzo, Bolzano, on 31 August, resulted in the death of one firefighter.

Meteoalarm - as of 1 September, 6.10 UTC (EUMETNET Meteoalarm)

  • Thunderstorms in coastal Croatia - Red Alert
  • Thunderstorms in north-western and south-western Bosnia and Herzegovina; eastern mainland Italy; central and coastal Montenegro - Orange Alert
  • Rain in most of Austria, except parts in the north and west; northern and western Bosnia and Herzegovina; central Switzerland; northern-central Croatia; western Hungary; central and coastal Montenegro - Orange Alert
  • Wind in north-eastern,parts of central and south-western mainland Italy, as well as throughout Sardinia; northern and coastal Montenegro; western Slovenia - Orange Alert
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